Day in the Life of a Leader
For over 15 years Alicia Bassuk has been working directly with leaders. She has intimate knowledge of the concerns, challenges, responsibilities, burdens, risks, opportunities, successes, joys, and realities of leaders.

Focus on Integrating New Approaches
Ubica’s overriding focus is on providing advisory services that meet the client’s development goals. Fidelity to these goals, rather than adherence to the specifications of a curriculum, drives the work. You will learn new techniques and approaches and have appropriate support to smoothly integrate these into your daily work practices.

Rigorous Thought Process
Every decision you make involves large amounts of money and impacts many people. You have great influence. Your work demands rigorous preparation, thoughtful discussion, and at times hard core debate. You will be pushed intellectually.

A Personal Approach to Business
Decisions are made in complex organizational, social, cultural, and political environments. The one-on-one conversations insure that client needs are being met and that the advisory services successfully promote the appropriate executive development goals. We help anticipate responses, plan strategy, review processes, and constantly provide feedback to assure that your ideas evolve into positive and meaningful contributions.

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