The Ubica technique is a series of deeply reflective and analytic conversations in which you are challenged to take a more sophisticated approach to your work, and become a more effective manager and leader.

Your Ubica advisor provides you with a confidential space to discuss your work in an unbiased, objective manner.

The conversations will push you and, at times, engage you in painstakingly rigorous discussions. Ubica clients find the work refreshing and intense, and look forward to their weekly sessions.

Ubica clients do not have an extra hour in their week to talk to their advisor. They make the time because in that one hour session they gain clarity on how to approach their greatest challenges and opportunities, so that the rest of the week they can focus on execution.

Prepare to go next level on all work fronts.

Request Alicia Bassuk for coaching, consulting, speaking engagement and panel requests at info@ubicastrategy.com.